Sports Injuries

Osteopathy and Sports Injuries & Sports Injury Treatment

Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur, an elite professional, a gym junkie or simply like to keep fit, sports injuries do occur. Many sport injuries are the result of overuse through playing too hard and too often, but occasionally incorrect equipment is the problem like ill-fitting footwear which can cause hip, knee and foot injury. Football, golf, rugby, tennis, running, skiing, dancing, and martial arts are some of the many sports that our patients compete in and come to us for treatment.
An example of common Sport Injuries Osteopathy Can Help:
Achilles Tendon Injuries
Back Pain (lumbar or thoracic pain)
Biceps Tendonitis
Constant Knee Problems
Frozen Shoulder
Foot Pain
Hip Pain
Injuries That Don’t Go Away
Persistent Hamstring or Calf Strains
Running Injuries
Recurring Achilles Problems
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow
Wrist Injuries
Issues such as joint dysfunction or soft-tissue restrictions limit the body’s ability to function correctly, directly affecting the degree of performance and may even result in further injury. Osteopathy can help by improving joint mobility, reducing adhesions and soft-tissue restrictions, resulting in structural balance and restored movement leading to enhanced performance.
We can help you:
Overcome injuries
Improve performance
Prevent further injury
Massage is often used during osteopathic treatment to soften and prepare the person for manipulation. It is helpful as part of pre-event training to minimise injury, and post-event to encourage tissue repair. Massage reduces muscle tension and therefore eases pain and inflammation by stimulating blood supply to the tissues. Passive resisted stretches and trigger point release are also used if appropriate, together with advice on rehabilitative exercises.